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Note: Session Chairs/Speakers must register by November 15.
Students will be required to email an image of a student ID or other document showing current student status. This verification must be received before access credentials for the virtual conference will be issued.

FEES in U.S. Dollars: ProfessionalStudent
ACSAC 2020 Technical Program
(Wednesday - Friday)
$125 $50
Monday: DYNAMICS Workshop
DYnamic and Novel Advances in Machine Learning and Intelligent Cyber Security
$60 $25
Monday : Training Workshop 1:
Steganography and Steganalysis
$60 $25
Monday & Tuesday: TracerFIRE
Forensic and Incident Response Exercise
$100 $50
Monday & Tuesday: TracerFIRE
Forensic and Incident Response Exercise
$100 $50
Tuesday: ICSS
Industrial Control System Security Workshop
$60 $25
Tuesday: LASER
Learning from Authoritative Security Experiment Results
$60 $25
Tuesday: Training Workshop 2:
Voice over Internet Protocol Robocall Security
$60 $25
Publication Surcharge: One author for each paper in the main conference or the DYNAMICS and ICSS workshops are required to select this item, to help cover the cost of the proceedings. Please coordinate with your co-authors.
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